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Effective methods to track the location of your Android phone

Now let's get to the most important thing. There are track a phone number of ways, but most will require a Google account and installation of special services. And, of course, you can't do without GPS. Fortunately, almost all smartphones are now equipped with this sensor. It is also possible to track over a mobile network and Wi-Fi. About everything in order.

Method 1: with Google Maps

A simple and convenient option that requires you to have the phone of the person you want to track. For example, the cell phone of a child. Do not be frightened by the unfamiliar name of the application, in fact it is a common program Google Maps, installed almost every user.

If you do not have it - follow the link and download, and then install the standard way.

Now open the settings tab on the left and click on "Transmit geodata". A window appears suggesting that you tell your friends your location. You can specify a specific tracking time or enable permanent tracking.

Once you have made this small adjustment, click on "More" and select which services will be able to track you. These are contacts, Bluetooth connection, and social networks. Now a message will be sent to the chatroom you selected with a link to track. The user will receive it, click through and have access to your location data. After the specified time, the link will become inactive.

Method 2: Through location history "Chronology"

Not a bad way if you want to track your own movements. Again, the entire procedure is done using your Google account. Open the "Maps" application and call up the menu on the left side of the screen again. Click on "Chronology".

A new window appears, telling you that a timeline is being created based on the places you visit. It's a kind of "file" that saves your itineraries. What does it give you? First of all, the possibility of advanced search and automatic route selection. If you're happy with it, click "Start.

Now at the bottom there is a small menu, where it starts to determine your current location. If it is correct, click "Now here". All subsequent locations will be saved automatically.

Method 3: via Android remote control

Do not forget about a special application called Find My Device, which was developed and released by Google. This utility is specifically designed to find a lost device. Using it, you can delete all the materials from the device, turn on the search by sound signal and see the phone on the map. You can download the program without problems in Google Play and install it the standard way. We open the application and see a screen asking you to register. You can choose your Google account or enter as a guest.

At the bottom of the screen is the name of the mobile device and useful functions. "Call" - a sound signal, thanks to which you can find the smartphone in the room.

Note: Tracking occurs via GPS, so in the case of disconnection of the navigation system you will not get accurate data about your mobile device.

Method 4: via special applications

If none of the above options does not suit you, you can resort to the help of programs made specifically to determine the location of the device. In fact, such utilities are not uncommon, there are many, but we will discuss the most convenient and functional.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

A good program that perfectly performs its main options: surveillance and remote control of your Android device. Except that this particular utility can no longer be found on Google Play. Use another proven source, but be careful of viruses.

First, you need to register in your personal account with your email, password, phone number, etc. Next, you can find out where your smartphone is currently located.

If necessary, activate a beep to help you find the device in the room. Note that the melody will play even in silent mode. Also available is a complete clearance of data from the phone. In case of switching off the device or deleting the program the last received coordinates are shown to the user.

Real Time GPS Tracker

One more useful tool with a non-standard name. We install the program on the phone of the person we are going to track, log in and indicate your smartphone. Alerts about the location of the user will come there.

Also in the utility there are automatic emergency messages: "On line", "SOS", "Free". These phrases will be very useful in many situations.

Source: https://mrspyer.com/

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